Tour optimisation


Tour planning is such a complex topic because of the huge amount of possible solutions and the numerous restrictions that have to be considered. Mastering this complexity results in fewer kilometres driven, lower costs, less time spend on the road and improved punctuality.

PTV Smartour

PTV Smartour is you choice if you want to optimise utilisation of your vehicle fleet, reduce costs and relieve scheduling. PTV Smartour also visualises complex transport processes. It is based on state-of-the-art technology and has a user-friendly look and feel.

PTV Map&Market

PTV Map&Market is tailored for field service planning. Regardless for which purpose you have to visit customers, prospects, stores or places: PTV Map&Market provides optimised trip plans with all relevant restrictions, customer requirements and call cycles. Manual customization ensures the flexibility of your employees in the field.

PTV xServer

PTV xServer is the technology behind PTV Logistics products. With these powerful software components you can extent your software solution with geographical and logistics functions, which are modular, flexibly scalable and customisable.