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What is a pedestrian simulation?

  • Pedestrian or crowd flow simulation precisely reproduces human walking behavior in a virtual environment. Each individual scenario can be modeled down to the minutest detail: From the interaction between individual pedestrians in crowds, to the correlation of pedestrians and other transportation modes, right up to irregularities in diverse infrastructures or transportation hubs. PTV Viswalk is a software solution for microscopic pedestrian flow simulation with extensive functions such as simulation in 3D environments. As part of the powerful Vision Traffic Software Suite, it can be easily integrated into other applications of the software suite.

  • Why simulate pedestrians?

    Pedestrian flow simulation is primarily used as part of capacity analyses. This means that questions are processed such as “Are the paths wide enough to let the required number of people pass through in a suitable amount of time? Is the floor space large enough to comfortably offer enough room for all those who are waiting?” In a digital simulation environment, you can test an unlimited number of planned measures so that you are able to select the most efficient solution based on the insights gained. PTV Viswalk’s advanced analysis and visualization tools are used for the following planning applications: Railway station simulation, Simulation of airports, Fire protection and Event planning.

  • Railway Station Simulation

    • Highly frequented transportation hubs, such as railway stations or airports, work on perfecting processes on a daily basis. Insights into arrival and departure times at peak periods, as well as travelers’ walkways are essential to ensure smooth everyday operations. “How long does the passenger change take? Are the connection times realistic?” are typical questions which can be answered using pedestrian flow simulations. PTV Viswalk supports the operations team in planning and analyzing transfer and connection times.

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    • Crowd simulation

      While safety has utmost priority for event planners, the comfort of visitors is a decisive factor for the success of an event. Both are good reasons to observe the walkways of visitor flows in detail when planning major events. PTV Viswalk identifies potentially hazardous areas and will help you create an extensive crowd management plan.

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    • Fire protection and escape simulation

      Escape analyses using PTV Viswalk support you in evaluating evacuation processes and taking appropriate structural and organizational measures.

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The Social Force Modell - PTV Viswalk's base

  • Walking always was and remains the most prevalent mode of transport. But unlike vehicles, pedestrians do not follow strict rules. They spontaneously stop, change directions or make sudden turns. Here at PTV, we have accepted the challenge and have developed a solution that takes into account the psychology of human walking behaviour for any location or situation.

  • Based on the Social Force Model developed by Prof. Helbing, we have enhanced it with additional functionality in PTV Viswalk to model:

    • Movement through multi-storey buildings
    • Crossing streets (with or without regulation)
    • Boarding & alighting from trains
    • Queuing in elaborate systems
    • Bi-directional movement through narrow corridors
  • What our customers say

  • Using PTV Viswalk, I found a way to reduce waiting times for pedestrians at traffic signals.

    Vignesh Pandian Research assistant

PTV Viswalk is the ideal simulation tool for all those who take the needs of pedestrians into account

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