Crowd simulation in event planning

  • When building and operating event sites, the safety of visitors has utmost priority. At the same time, visitor comfort is essential for a successful event. As event organizer, it helps you to simulate visitor activity in advance and to identify possible hazardous areas in various scenarios as early as during the planning phase. With PTV Viswalk, you can simulate human walking behaviour, recognize bottlenecks which may lead to unnecessary waiting times, and examine the operational procedures (e.g. the length of the queue at the entrance or sales booths and the resulting waiting time). Based on this analysis, adjustments to event planning can be carried out in order to guarantee a smoothly run and safe event with positive visitor experience.

Egress and safety analysis

  • PTV Viswalk helps you introduce a wide range of structural and organizational measures for minimizing possible risk situations.

      • Simulate queues and waiting systems (ticket kiosk, safety checks)
      • Calculate waiting times
      • Assess density of people
      • Modeling of escape routes, emergency exits and evacuation scenarios

      Simulate the routes of visitors at your event and get an impression of expected occurrences. An animated crowd simulation will reveal not only any potential for improvement in your planning, but can also be used as visitor information film on the day of the event. Escape routes can be impressively and transparently communicated in this way.

    • Crowd simulation throughout the operational process of a major event

      Several hundred staff members are frequently involved during major events. On the day of the event, everything should run smoothly and accurately. Whether at the entrance, during the event itself or when leaving the area. For all of these phases, crowd simulation with PTV Viswalk can be useful and helpful in specific ways.

      1. Ingress:  A well-organized security check helps minimize waiting times and seamlessly utilize the site to capacity. “Das Fest” is the largest festival in the region of Karlsruhe and is (almost) free of charge. This makes it one of the largest free festivals in Germany. PTV Group, as regional sponsor, supports the event and provides, among other things, visitor information videos: “PTV Viswalk: Das Fest 2018 - do you really need the giant backpack you are allowed to take with you?
      2. During the event: Visitor information: Pedestrian or visitor behavior which may seem unpredictable or absurd is often caused by a motivation which is not known to third parties. However, such behavior can be revealed as being reasonable or even beneficial. If every guest has the same level of information, visitor behavior is predictable and thus controllable for you as event organizer. Often, models which are created during planning anyway, can be adjusted with little effort so that the animation can be used for visually conveying information. It has been proven that visitors are more likely to notice moving pictures than static signs or occasional announcements.
      3. The egress period and its effect on the surrounding urban area: A major event can affect the day-to-day life of the city or the surrounding area – even more so after a major event than when it starts. For you as event organizer, this means that you should expand your analysis to include the affected group of citizens and businesses: What impact does the major event have on the parking situation in the neighboring residential area? Will motorized transportation be brought to a standstill? Will the public transportation capacities be sufficient for the expected number of visitors? What will the situation look like at the surrounding public transport stops? One example is the simulation of visitors who leave the Coface Arena in Mainz.
      4. Clearance / emergency evacuation: As partner of the “Hermes” project, we support the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in the “Study for an evacuation assistant for use in emergencies during large-scale public events”.

    Use your free PTV Viswalk test version now and simulate the visitor flows so that your event will be a success.

    • After only a few clicks, you will have access to PTV Viswalk and you can immediately start simulating visitor activities at your major event.

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