• Operational planning, Traffic engineering

    Every model requires different approaches to be able to replicate actual scenarios and obtain reliable forecasts for large scale traffic simulations. The key benefit of using PTV Visum is its flexibility in allowing you to skill up fast through a user-friendly interface. No scripting is required within the traffic planning software.

  • Fast and effortless simulation with PTV Visum

    Performing a large scale simulation typically consumes time, effort and money. Since computational resources are limited and costly, your resources have to be managed carefully. Our Simulation-Based Assignment (SBA) within PTV Visum is extremely fast. Therefore, you can avoid unnecessary overhead when you perform a large scale simulation with the software. Even if it’s too large, there is no need to divide it into independent components as PTV Visum handles this effortlessly.

  • A detailed picture of the road system

    Dynamic Traffic Assignment (DTA) models offer a more detailed representation of the road system and their corresponding traffic flows than static models. The Simulation-Based Assignment provides this with the simulation of individual vehicles with extremely good runtimes. This is ideal for creating a platform where a detailed picture of the road system is required to inform smaller Vissim models, due to the connection with PTV Vissim. When combined, PTV Visum and PTV Vissim can help you analyse and visualise future operating conditions under various demands and road management strategies.

  • Build macroscopic and mesoscopic models

    PTV Visum allows you to build macroscopic regional models to understand large scale traffic simulations. The traffic planning software blends macroscopic and mesoscopic traffic assignment methods to assist you in evaluating many common traffic problems and can be tailored to fit the scale of each problem. Pioneering transport professionals can use PTV Visum to examine the likely impacts of operational responses before implementation.