Getting Started with PTV xServer internet

Data centers and clusters

  • PTV xServer internet clusters are located in various Microsoft Azure data centers to avoid potential time delays caused by network disruptions or congestion, particularly in the case of intercontinental server requests. Each data center offers one or more Clusters. There are usually three different Clusters for each map, that is hosted in the data center.

    • Three-tier environment architecture

      The Three-tier architecture gives greater flexibility to development teams to react to upcoming updates or indepedently work on other modules. There are 3 systems (Test system, Integration system, Production system). The test system is available to all users to test the PTV xServer internet.


      More Essential Information

      Cluster Overview

    • Available API Versions

      API Version 1 is our established solution that is widely used in the market. Your company has been a customer for a while and hasn't switched APIs recently? Then you're most likely interested in the documentation on API Version 1

      API Version 2 is the future of PTV xServer as it's designed in a completely new framework. lt is easier to understand, and as a programmer, you will benefit from improved flexibility and consistency. lf your company recently integrated PTV xServer into their software solution, is still in the middle of it or is planning an integration soon, you should look at API Version 2

Test your Token

  • Test your Token, to get instant feedback on the reachability of the PTV xServer components. With your test license you should have access to all our test environments.

    You can see your Token here

    If you have no Token yet, get your free Token for 60 days here

Programming Examples

  • Take a look at our programming examples to learn more about the usage of PTV xServer internet with different programming languages. (C#, Java, JavaScript, Phyton, PHP)

API Version 2


  • Use the Code Sample Browsers to quickly and simply gain an initial impression of the scope of functionality of PTV xServer Internet, as well as testing the capabilities of PTV xServer, especially the features and their cooperation among each other in a more complex context. The documentations give you all the information you need.


  • We support and assist you to get the most of PTV xServer Internet.

    Our team supports you with technical problems and specific questions about our products and solutions, as well as offering multiple Forums to join our community.

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