• Mobile Asset Management with PTV xServer

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking with Satellite Maps

With satellite imagery, always keep an eye on your assets - regardless of how remote the location is. Eliminate blind areas and:

  • Pinpoint the precise movements of vehicles in real time to ensure route compliance
  • Visualize off-the-map areas, such as industrial zones or construction sites
  • Determine ETA for individual trucks and guarantee punctual deliveries
  • Benefit from high precision GPS with map-matched data

ETA Calculation & Fleet Performance Tracking

Gain valuable insights into fleet performance by tracking ETAs to optimize the entire supply chain and:

  • Identify causes of delays and room for supply chain improvement
  • Receive real-time notifications regarding vehicles' estimated times of arrival
  • Increase customer satisfaction by providing accurate, up-to-date delivery times

Real-Time Fleet Visualization

Use maps & highly accurate GPS tracking to track & trace the movements and locations of resources in real time to:

  • Reduce vehicle idle time and mileage to improve overall fleet performance
  • Confirm when a delivery is complete and compare to ETA information
  • Lower operating costs and keep truck drivers en route to their destinations