• Routing & Scheduling with PTV xServer

Benefit from Optimized Routing & Directions

Whether you're scheduling deliveries or navigating an entire fleet, PTV xServer's vehicle routing & scheduling solution will assist you in:

  • Reducing overall fleet costs
  • Efficiently planning multi-stop & multi-order operations
  • Increasing driver productivity & decreasing hours spent on the road
  • Improving customer satisfaction by avoiding delays and ensuring on-time deliveries

Optimized Time & Distance Routing

A day only has 24 hours – make the most out of them by scheduling routes and deliveries according to time or distance constraints to:

  • Fill open time slots to keep vehicles moving
  • Significantly reduce fleet downtime
  • Ensure on-time deliveries and take into account various factors, such as customer business hours, vehicle requirements, delivery-specific data, and more

Drag & Drop Fleet Routing

Simplify the route planning process with intuitive drag & drop routing technology to easily modify planned routes, enabling you to:

  • Avoid high traffic areas or circumvent unfavorable road segments
  • Change the order of locations along your route within a matter of minutes
  • Make last-minute changes or add locations to routes, increasing fleet flexibility

Optimized Routing with Historical Traffic Data

Traffic jams aren't always unpredictable. Utilize highly accurate historical traffic data to recognize traffic patterns, navigate around avoidable setbacks, and:

  • Use the fastest routes according to time of day, helping you avoid rush hours
  • Calculate accurate ETAs for increased customer satisfaction
  • Boost driver satisfaction by improving fleet productivity

Real-Time Traffic Data for Increased Fleet Efficiency

Beat the traffic by monitoring current road conditions and making smart adjustments to planned routes, equipping you to:

  • Eliminate costly delays and reduce overall time spent on the road
  • Increase driver safety by lowering the chance of traffic incidents
  • When delays occur, react immediately and keep customers/shippers informed of ETA

Truck-Specific Routing

Plan truck-legal routes for commercial vehicles by selecting or creating custom truck profiles for your fleet to:

  • Take into account individual vehicle dimensions to plan truck-authorized routes
  • Avoid potential road hazards/incidents, truck damage, and costly fees
  • Calculate accurate transit time & distance compared to maps for cars

Commercial Vehicle Routing with Exceptions

Block road segments due to construction work/unexpected road closures or select another preferred route and:

  • Benefit from the highest levels of flexibility when planning routes
  • Customize routes to prefer or avoid road segments and circumvent road closures
  • Incorporate other exceptions according to your individual requirements

Hazmat-Compliant Routing

Generate legal routes for trucks hauling hazardous materials/goods to consistently ensure compliance with hazmat regulations and:

  • Guarantee asset and driver safety by taking the authorized routes for specific goods
  • Visualize both prohibited & legal road segments to compare & review alternative routes
  • Accurately calculate costs and transit times for hazmat-legal routes


From geofencing to geocoding, improve fleet efficiency with a range of geo-management tools:

  • Geocoding & reverse geocoding: Convert geographic coordinates into addresses and vice versa for optimized truck routing
  • Geofencing: Balance and track vehicle activity to schedule the most efficient routes