Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan

A new Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan (FTIP 2030) was set up by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

  • To determine the overall economic importance of planned infrastructure projects, transport models were used to determine possible effects on traffic and cost-benefit analyses were created based on these results. Moreover, the entire assessment methodology of the FTIP 2003 was reviewed in terms of modes of transport.

  • Project reviews for the FTIP

    The Ministry for Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS) has appointed three so-called technical co-ordinators who shall support the entire process of creating the traffic forecast 2030. They will also help develop an assessment methodology on the basis of the current state of scientific knowledge and assess future infrastructure projects. Two PTV representatives are actively involved in this project: Prof. Dr. Christoph Walther as the spokesperson of the technical co-ordinators and Dr.-Ing. Volker Waßmuth, PTV Transport Consult GmbH.

    The coordinators’ qualification profile

    PTV is involved in the development of the overall design, the creation of the performance specification for the different projects and the quality assurance required for project implementation.

    Quality assurance and methodological FTIP manual

    In 2015, the contract was extended so that it now also includes quality assurance of the assessment accounts for the proposed projects and the creation of the methodological manual.

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