Electric Mobility

E-mobile – mobile emissions-free, on the road long-term

  • Electromobility will become a fixed component of mobility offerings, thus making a decisive contribution to the assurance of long-term mobility. Now communities and companies must support the use of electric vehicles with appropriate basic conditions.

    Today we already offer solutions for optimising routes and for preparing urban and transport planners, fleet operators and end users for the new requirements. For example, in research projects we have focused intensively on possible initial user groups in passenger and cargo transport, with their requirements and their travel behaviour. In the process we have developed a planning approach in order to be able to locate publicly-accessible charging infrastructure as needed. In addition, we have developed suitable software tools and assistance systems for the efficient use of E-vehicles in fleets and for route planning adjusted for battery capacity.

    Our fields of activity:

    • Analysis and forecasting of mobility development, emissions savings and charging infrastructure, e.g. using PTV Visum
    • Planning and design of measures to encourage electromobility
    • PTV Navigator with connection to server-based services for range forecasting and display, including charging station assistant
    • E-fleet planning and control


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