Urban Logistics

We need efficient logistics processes to ensure that all supplies reach consumers, shops and offices in urban areas

  • Urban freight transport required for the delivery of goods to shops, factories, offices, etc. constitutes a large share of road traffic. E-commerce and home deliveries contribute to a further increase in goods transport. From air pollution, noise, and congestion to tight delivery time slots and access restrictions – these complex issues show us how important it is to make urban logistics more efficient and to develop sustainable solutions that help reduce emissions.

    We have gained in-depth experience and expertise in the field of urban logistics and last mile logistics through our involvement in numerous research projects. This includes comprehensive approaches such as urban distribution centres, the use of environmentally friendly drive technologies, alternative transportation concepts as well as closer cooperation between all stakeholders. Moreover, solutions like the Physical Internet, where goods can be transported via a global, open logistics network using standardized boxes, allow planners to simplify handling processes, benefit from bundling effects, and increase delivery reliability. The future of urban logistics is based on a closer cooperation of urban planners, as well as transport and trip planners.

    Our fields of activity:

    • Analysis and forecast regarding future mobility and emissions savings
    • Vehicle fleet scheduling and control, including mixed fleets with hybrid and electric vehicles
    • Truck navigation, including hybrid and electric vehicles


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