• Your sales representatives’ jobs are to acquire and support customers. Administrative activities like scheduling and route planning slow them down. PTV Map&Market takes over tedious planning activities and gives your field staff more time for money-making tasks. Moreover, the software ensures a fair workload distribution, helping to boost motivation and employee satisfaction.

  • Even sales territories and workload distribution

    PTV Map&Market creates optimized sales territories based on objective criteria. The software distributes the workload evenly among salespeople and ensures that no one is put at a disadvantage.

    Implementation is easy, and current territories can be considered. For example, existing relationships can be transferred to the system and will be considered when optimizing schedules and routes.

  • "Thanks to the new structure, we were able to significantly reduce our turnover and retain our field staff much longer."

    Gökhan Kizilay (Berner Trading Holding – Tools and equipment)

  • Realistic schedules and less stress for your sales reps

    Unrealistic schedules with more appointments than can be met in a day are in the past. PTV Map&Market suggests realistic meetings that can be kept, while still increasing the number of visits. For your employees this means less stress and more success.

    Once a busy week is finished, your sales representatives don’t have to worry about planning their schedule for the following week. That’s where PTV Map&Market takes over and enables you to do the job in just a few clicks.

    Additionally, PTV Map&Market considers necessary overnight stays, and keeps them to a minimum. For your sales representative, this results in more time at home, and less time on the road or in hotel rooms.

  • Do you have any questions?

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