• Deciding where to open a new location is an important strategic decision– especially in the healthcare and retail industries. Whether you are opening a new production site, warehouse or a branch, the wrong decision wastes resources and leads inefficiencies in your distribution network. PTV Map&Market provides the data and analytics needed to make a well-informed decisions for costly investments.


Location optimization – automated, fast and reliable

  • When searching for new locations and site planning, PTV Map&Market privides you with high-performance algorithms that process large quantities of data at an exceptionally high speed, while considering all limitations and specifications. Expanding or consolidating, planning a new site or optimizing an existing location, the software provides you with concrete suggestions, determines coverage levels and catchment areas of potential locations, and displays the results based on address or area levels. Furthermore, the software simulates alternative solutions and savings potentials.

  • Strategic location planning with PTV Map&Market: See the advantage

    • Calculate the number of locations needed to provide the best possible service to your customers
    • Find out how many stores you need to meet your sales targets Identify suitable locations based on the sales potential, target group density, and infrastructure
    • Determine coverage levels and accessibility based on spatial and temporal distance around your location
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