• Economic success in the retail and trade sector is based on making the right strategic decisions, such as ideal store locations and warehouse distribution to ensure the optimal flow of goods. Where should you open a new branch to gain access to a new catchment area, while avoiding overlap with an existing branch?

    You need to know where consumers, competitors, your warehouses and branches are located. Lists and tables aggregate data, but they don’t help you gain a quick overview of all relevant information. What you need is a well-structured map that displays demographic and geographical data.

    The geomarketing and retail location planning software, PTV Map&Market, provides the right tools for analysis and optimization for your site planning. This way, you will avoid wrong investments and are closer to your customers.

  • “In the past, we never analzsed the optimisation potential of our processes. Since we started working with PTV Map&Market, we analyse our flows of goods regularly and understand them much better. This way we save transport costs and at the same time do something good for the environment."

    Nicolai Dortmann (Ball Packaging Europe Drink can producer)

  • "Choosing PTV Map&Market means real added value for us. Location decisions are now made quickly and in the truest sense of the word close to the customer. Possible restructuring can be simulated in seconds in the form of "what if" scenarios."

    Marco Lipinski (Tele Columbus GmbH Cable provider)

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