Driver Applications

Mobility is your daily business, which is why you count on solutions, services, and apps for your fleet that are just as mobile as your drivers, vehicles, and goods. 

    • A mobile solution tailored to your needs and ready to be integrated into your existing system – that is exactly what you need to increase the efficiency of your deliveries and pick-ups. However, your time is too precious for time-consuming and complicated installations. You are looking for applications that can easily be connected to your company’s ERP, CRM, SCM, or TMS system via interface and/or API.

      Your goal is to get your drivers and goods safely to their destinations – as fast and economically as possible. You therefore need a route planner that takes into account truck attributes and goods restrictions, navigating drivers through streets that are legal and suitable for their vehicle type. The GPS navigation system avoids residential areas, low bridges, tricky turn maneuver, and unnecessary detours. Moreover, the driver will be guided directly to a free and safe parking spot along the route when it’s time for an HOS-mandated break.

      So now that the route’s been planned, transferred to the mobile navigation system, and your driver left right on time, what if the driver gets stuck in traffic and the delivery will be delayed? This is where ETA (estimated time of arrival) technology comes in – also a mobile solution that automatically informs all of the moving parts along your supply chain about the new estimated time of arrival. In addition to increased transparency, the real-time notifications enable you to promptly intervene and select different routes for drivers, avoiding delays. The alternative route is then sent directly to the driver’s mobile device. By knowing the estimated time of arrival, ramp operators can dynamically update warehouse ramp schedules, resulting in multiple benefits for both drivers and operators.

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