One of your trucks is stuck in traffic? The cloud-based service PTV Drive&Arrive will automatically update in real-time all of your supply chain’s components about the new estimated time of arrival (ETA), enabling transportation & fleet managers to react flexibly and warehouses to adapt delivery/pick-up windows accordingly. 

  • How can you increase efficiency along the supply chain?

    ETA is the next big thing in tracking technology

    Keep an eye on all your trucks, comply with service & contract guarantees, and transparently review the performance of subcontractors.

    Dynamically managing the approach

    Increase your warehouse efficiency by displaying all incoming trucks on a digital Arrival Board at your ramp. When a truck arrives, your employees are prepared and ready to unload.

    Informing the customers

    Improve customer service by providing a precise and reliable time of arrival and be one step ahead of your competitors by providing accurate times based on the areas you operate in. 

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PTV Drive&Arrive is exciting, not only for our customers, but also for us. If we know what time a truck will arrive at our warehouse, we can assign a dock to that truck in advance and have a notification automatically sent to the driver. 

Hessel Jonkman
ICT and Relationships Manager, Tielbeke

By using a sophisticated and unique algorithm, we can calculate the most accurate estimated time of arrival available on the market.

Stephan Ruppert
Solution Director PTV Drive&Arrive at PTV Group

We’re committed to provide accurate service & support when needed.