• Competition has intensified significantly for both over the counter (OTC) and prescription drugs (RX) due to generic drugs and increased advertising spending. In this competitive environment, the higher quality customer service and support your sales representatives are able to provide, the better.

    Drugstores are also under great pressure as they fiercely compete with online shops. They have to keep up with trends and provide a wide selection of products, all while keeping prices low. Additionally, patient transport services are becoming increasingly strained due to the aging US population. They must become more efficient and reliable in order to stay competitive.

    PTV Map&Market enables you to provide good service and guarantees a strong in-store presence, both of which is essential for good sales.

  • How PTV Map&Market helps the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries

    Direct sales:

    • Identify and expand untapped sales potential
    • Place sales staff strategically
    • Optimize route planning for less time on the road and more time with store managers
    • Create well-balanced sales territories (e.g. number of customers, sales potential)

    Retail and trade:

    • Create optimized visit schedules and routes
    • Arrange visits according to individual frequencies and criteria
    • Benefit from improved customer service
  • “PTV has provided us with an optimal solution for planning our visits that fully considers the industry-specific requirements.”

    Frank Geßner (Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma – Pharmaceuticals)

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