Any business transporting goods from A to B knows that keeping an eye on time, distance, and costs is key. PTV Map&Guide calculates the optimal route for you – quickly, reliably, and with precision! The route planner increases efficiency along the entire supply chain, starting from initial quotations to final invoicing & analysis. Routing, cost calculation, and accurately-priced quotes made easy. PTV Map&Guide defines the invoicing standard for forwarders, 3PLs, and other service providers. 

  • How to select a route with the best bang for its buck?

    Calculate accurate transporting costs and provide accurate quotes

    With PTV Map&Guide, calculate your overall fleet costs to use as a solid foundation for quotes and invoices. In addition to all vehicle costs, also keep track of toll costs & review them vehicle-by-vehicle.

    Optimal truck routing

    Delays are costly and can have a negative impact on customer satisfaction. Professional route planning for commercial vehicles differs significantly from that for a normal car or small van. PTV Map&Guide supplies you with the precise information you need to efficiently manage, schedule, and balance staff and fleet usage, helping you additionally cut costs and increase customer satisfaction.

    Schedule & sequence multi-stop delivery routes

    Need to make several stops per route with various deadlines and delivery windows? Not to mention having to select the correct vehicle for the job and taking its specific operating costs into account. Let PTV Map&Guide do the work for you & receive the perfect multi-stop schedule at the touch of a button. 

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We want to provide our agents with the best possible support. PTV Map&Guide Internet offers this support combined with easy, around-the-clock access. For us, it's essential to simplifying and shortening the route planning process.

Martina Kainz
Rüdinger Spedition GmbH

What distinguishes PTV Map&Guide from a free route planner: our product was developed specifically with routing & cost calculation for trucks in mind. Our customers benefit from the access to truck-specific data and functions and, as a result, save precious time and money.

Mark Ulrich
Solution Director PTV Map&Guide at PTV Group

We’re committed to provide accurate service & support when needed.