Salesforce & Territory Management with PTV Map&Market

Making strategically important corporate decisions on sales, expansion, staff and area planning and produce visit trip plans for your team of sales representatives or service staff? It's never been easier with PTV Map&Market. In just seconds, watch the software plan the optimal route for your entire workforce, allowing them to spend more time with customers and less time on the road.

  • How can you save time elsewhere to spend more with customers?

    Suitable for all geomarketing purposes

    PTV Map&Market is the comprehensive solution to: sales, marketing, controlling, logistics, professional services, workforce scheduling, expansion planning. It truly is the logistics solution for every purpose. Use maps, data, analysis tools, and other evaluation features to make your business more efficient. 

    Save time and resources

    Make sales territories compact, routes short, and appointment/meeting schedules efficient to enable each sales representative to fit more into a day. By additionally optimizing the physical locations of your offices or warehouses, you’ll be even closer to your customers and able to further increase your revenue. 

    Increase employee satisfaction

    Boost the satisfaction and productivity of your employees with fair schedules and balanced workloads. Use PTV Map&Market to assign your employees to sales territories with a comparable sales potential and create optimized sales routes. 

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PTV Map&Market is outstanding software. Thanks to it, we now have a completely new territory structure and fairly balance workloads across the entire salesforce. 

Dietmar W. Haufe
Head of Sales Force at P&G Prestige Products GmbH Germany

Thanks to PTV Map&Market we strategically optimized every aspect of the route planning process. Our customer support quality has increased significantly, while our operating costs have decreased significantly, and both our employees and customers are happier. 

Marco Quattrocchi
Application Development at Dr. Grandel

PTV Group's expertise comes from its comprehensive 35+ year experience in salesforce management and geomarketing projects.

Thorsten Frerk
GeoManagement Sales at PTV Group