Narrow roads, low bridges, no opportunities to turn around – a lot of roads are not made for freight traffic. PTV Navigator will only guide your drivers on routes that are suited for and legal for specific vehicle types, saving you detours, time, and money.

  • How can you guarantee your drivers are using the best routes?

    Truck-specific navigation

    PTV Navigator takes into account all restrictions and truck attributes when planning a route and can be set up to avoid things like toll roads, residential areas, or ferries. And when the time comes for a mandated break, the driver simply activates the Truck Parking Assistant to guide him/her to one of over 22,000 truck parking spots. 

    Easy to use and integrate

    Easy to use: PTV Navigator provides drivers with a precise, easy-to-understand interface, available in 20 languages. Just download the app or integrate the API into your existing TMS system and infrastructure.

    Real-time traffic information

    Avoid traffic jams, save time, and benefit from automatically updated times of arrival with the live traffic assistant, the rerouting feature, and the reliable and precise traffic information sourced directly from TomTom HD Traffic. 

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With more than ten years of experience and over 100,000 systems installed, fleet operators around the world rely on our software to get the job done. 

Stephan Ruppert
Solution Director PTV Navigator, PTV Group

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