• Expanding transportation infrastructures is very cost-intensive and not always the right solution to reduce traffic jams and tailbacks, let alone side effects like noise pollution and high emission rates. While traffic congestion is hard to predict and no two rush hours are the same, our traffic management software PTV Optima unlocks your city’s true potential. With reliable forecasts, high-quality real-time data and enhanced decision support, you can be sure to deploy the best strategy for your network. Improve your city’s quality of life with real-time traffic management.  

    • Fuse different data sources for a detailed analysis of the current traffic state
    • Receive precise and comprehensive forecasts for the entire network including non-monitored roads based on real-time and dynamic model data
    • Evaluate alternative scenarios and their effects to activate the most efficient counter measure for your network
    • Reduce negative impacts of traffic incidents and improve road safety with advanced and early on incident detection

    With multiple installations in Europe and Asia, PTV Optima is the proven tool to maximise what is possible and turn your city into a smart city.