If road safety is your daily business, PTV Vistad is the right tool for you to reach vision zero! This state-of-the-art software helps you collect, validate and analyse traffic accident data.

  • How do you keep an eye on all traffic accidents?

    All in one solution for accident prevention

    The software optimally assists you with traffic safety work - from collection and analysis to local accident investigation, to measures taken and monitoring their impact on road safety. 

    State-of-the-art software

    Rely on software which is based on decades of intensive research, close cooperation with police authorities, accident committee offices, numerous NGOs, municipalities and communal users. 

    Seamless software integration

    Not only can you perfectly integrate PTV Vistad with other PTV software such as PTV Visum Safety, but it is also possible to integrate it in your existing software systems, while at the same time keeping in mind data security.

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The inclusion of collision symbols for accidents and the later aggregated representation in the analysis is particularly valuable for us, as it greatly simplifies the analysis of large crossings with a large number of accidents and saves a lot of time in the manual creation of accident diagrams.

Holger Mohr
Traffic Location Centre in Hamburg, Germany

We now have the possibility of targeted influence and quality assurance, from the police processing through Vistad to the transfer of the data to the statistical office and to the local accident investigation. 

Steffen Laskosky
Leader of the working group "process and case processing" in Dresden, Germany

We work together to make traffic safer: experts at the police, the traffic authorities, engineering firms, research institutes and the PTV Group. For me it is great to make a contribution with Vistad.

Christian Rossol
Senior Apllications Engineer at PTV Group

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