PTV xServer Developer Zone: The tools you need to make our solutions yours

  • PTV xServer Developer Toolkit

    We know developers really only want two things in this world: seamless integration and satisfied software users. PTV xServer equips developers with the tools they need to do just that. Select from and combine a large range of building blocks, plugins, and APIs for all of your logistical and geospatial needs.

Our Suite of APIs and Plugins

Detailed API features

  • Business & POI Search

    Show filter results for nearby gas stations, restaurants, and more types of businesses with comprehensive POI databases – or let them upload their own POIs.

  • Address Field Autofill

    Autocomplete and suggest addresses so users can spend less time typing and more time driving.

  • Real-Time Traffic Routing

    Provide users with real-time traffic information to enable them to take the best routes to circumvent traffic jams or accidents.

  • Elevation Profiles

    Discover changes in elevations along a path to reliably calculate ETAs and find/plan alternate routes if needed.

  • Customizable & Static Maps

    Tailor map styles to fit individual needs or let users work with static maps to empower them to draw isochrones, lines, or territories on maps.

  • Alternate Routing

    Let users omit certain roads along paths to avoid encounters with closures, construction slow downs, undesirable modes of transportation, or toll costs.

  • Appointment Scheduling

    End users can create employees' schedules for the day or longer periods of time by optimizing stop/delivery sequencing and taking into account staff, business, and customers' hours.

  • Salesforce & Sales Territory Planning

    Equip users with the ability to balance the usage of human resources by creating optimized territories and schedules for sales representatives.

  • Drag and Drop Routing

    Users can easily and quickly adjust driving routes on a map with the intuitive drag'n'drop feature.

  • Drawing Tools (Polygons, Lines)

    Enable users to draw shapes to define, select, and outline specific parts of a map.

  • Display Traffic Data on Maps

    Visualizes current conditions on the road for users with color-coded traffic indications, equipping them with the information they need to choose the best routes.

  • Forward & Reverse Geocoding

    Users can forward & back code locations, enabling them to convert addresses/locations into exact geographic coordinates and vice versa.

  • Global Satellite Views

    Switch to highly-detailed satellite imagery to visualize and track assets in areas both on and off the map - worldwide.

  • Time Zones

    Help users facilitate the accurate communication of ETAs by letting them take into account differences in time zones, both on a state-by-state and global level.

  • Toll Costs

    Calculate the costs of tolled roads with updated toll cost data to create accurate cost proposals and forecasts.

  • Vehicle Profile Customization

    Simplify the planning process for users by giving them to option to store fleet characteristics for truck-legal and truck-specific routing.