• Optimize your logistics processes by adding flexible software components to your existing system

    Are you planning your logistics processes with software and want to increase its performance? Do you want to add functionality to improve customer satisfaction? Integrate PTV xServer software components into your existing technology stack with APIs to solve transportation and logistics optimization challenges more efficiently.

    PTV xServer covers a wide variety of use cases, ranging from the display of mobile objects, route planning, route optimization and scheduling, fleet optimization, as well as the exact calculation of driving and arrival times, toll costs and CO2 emissions.

    Choose the components that are tailored to your needs and combine individual components to build the tool you need. By working with our state-of-the-art software components, you increase cost efficiency and optimise logistics processes and, ultimately, secure a sustainable competitive advantage.

Best dynamic route optimization on the market

  • Dozens of delivery trucks, hundreds of orders, different priorities and time constraints: Planning delivery routes is a complex task that calls for deliberate advance planning. Optimization and scheduling software streamlines this process and enables you to identify the optimal order of pickups and deliveries for your entire fleet. PTV xServer is the only software that considers rush hours and ongoing roadworks effectively already in the planning process. That way you can be sure that routes planned on the screen are also the best routes on the road.

  • 30M

    Our customers plan and optimize more than 30 million routes every day.

  • 20M

    With the help of PTV xServer, over 20 million locations are geocoded every day.

  • 17%

    Thanks to PTV xServer, our customers save up to 17% annually.

Some of our 5000 happy customers

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Logistics & Transport
Sales and service technician planning

PTV xServer in a nutshell:

  • PTV xServer software components

    PTV xServer is based on a modular architecture. This means you can add geographical and logistical functions to your existing software solution that are tailored to your needs. The components are flexible, scalable and grow with your company. This guarantees optimal performance regardless of the size of your system. Deploying PTV xServer is a safe investment for your company.

    Areas of Application

  • PTV xServer APIs

    Integrate the PTV xServer software components seamlessly into any existing software using APIs. The components work in the background and do not need their own interface. Therefore, the new features can be added to your existing software, making staff buy-in easy.

    For Developers

  • Service & Support

    We support you with comprehensive documentation, code samples, webinars and the PTV xServer Developer Forum as well as individual advice.

    Service & Support

  • Logistics optimization

    Managing transportation is complex. The PTV xServer software components combine precise formulas and algorithms with decades of experience in logistics and transportation, that enable you to turn this complexity into efficiency. xServer covers all aspects of the supply chain, from order entry to delivery, at maximum performance. See how other customers and partners succeed with PTV xServer.

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