• Boost the productivity of your field service with PTV xServer software components

    Where should you open your next location? How can you ensure that your sales territories are balanced and geographically compact? How can you better manage field staff and reduce travel times? PTV xServer helps you to answer these complex questions. Organize your locations, territory and field service planning and ensure that your employees are more productive--spending less time on the road and more time with customers.

    • Sales Force Planning

    • Creating next week’s schedule is an unpopular Friday afternoon task for most field employees. Why? Because considering all restrictions and customer demands while creating an efficient schedule is a complex, time consuming task that is time not spent with customers.

      PTV xServer takes over operational planning and enables your sales staff to organize their weekly customer visits at the push of a button. Did an appointment get cancelled last minute or should a customer be accommodated at short notice? With PTV xServer, your employees have the flexibility to change their schedules, spend less time in the office or on the road and more time with customers. The result: more face time with your customers and a boost in sales revenue.

      Integrate sales force planning functionalities seamlessly into your CRM thanks to PTV xServer’s easy-to-use APIs. Are you looking for a stand-alone mobile solution? Check out our sales force app 25h.

    • Workforce Management

    • PTV xServer does more than plan sales visits for the upcoming week; it enables you to create balanced and compact sales territories and schedules based on your customers’ locations. Optimize the allocation of all mobile resources – your workforce, vehicles and machinery – by optimizing all steps from planning to execution and analysis. The result: customer support requests are resolved quickly and at low costs.

      • Planning: PTV xServer helps you structure your territories based on locations, such as customer addresses, warehouse locations and delivery areas, while reducing driving times and ensuring a maximum market coverage. Moreover, you can plan schedules for sales representatives and field forces, plus get an accurate estimate of the actual driving time needed.
      • Execution: With PTV xServer, you can continuously check real-time traffic and make sure the planned route is really your best option. Moreover, short-notice schedule changes can be easily accommodated.
      • Analysis: Complete invoicing, calculate travel expenses, prepare reports and analyses at the push of a button.

      Use PTV xServer’s APIs to seamlessly integrate workforce functionality into your software architecture, or check PTV Map&Market for a full solution.

  • Make strategic decisions based on the latest research and data

    Before suggesting the ideal location, PTV xServer analyses a wide range of data such as the average purchasing power or traffic volume of a region. When planning sales territories, the xServer considers conditions and restrictions, such as the existing sales potential, geographical factors and your number of employees. Our algorithms determine ideal locations as well as optimally balanced and compact sales and distribution areas.

  • Ensure maximum utilization of your sales force through visit and route planning

    PTV xServer enables you to plan ideal visit intervals and appointments, as well as efficient routes for your field staff. You’ll increase employee productivity, reduce time they spend on the road and maximize time spent with customers.

  • Integrate our software components for sales territory and field service management into your existing systems

    PTV xServer leverages the expertise from four decades of transport planning in a state-of-the-art software development kit (SDK). Intelligent algorithms enable you to plan locations and improve sales areas to better use your sales force and service staff. We provide all functionality through APIs, enabling you to integrate them seamlessly into your existing system architecture. Host the APIs locally on your own servers or use our convenient cloud solution.

Field service management at a glance

  • Location planning
  • Simulate different scenarios and determine optimal locations.

  • Territory planning
  • Calculate compact and balanced areas for field service and staff.

  • Salesforce planning
  • Optimize the utilisation of your field service and service staff thanks to route planning and scheduling.

  • Visit frequencies
  • Plan ideal visit frequencies and appointments. Maximize your employees' time with customers by improving scheduling.

  • CRM integration
  • Integrate relevant functionalities into your CRM system seamlessly.

Need a Full software solution instead of flexible software components?

  • Are you interested in a complete solution for sales territory and field service planning? Have a look at PTV Map&Market. PTV Map&Market enables you to determine ideal locations and sales areas and plans optimal visits.