Toll Calculation API by PTV xServer

Why calculate tolls in advance?

  • Since toll roads and tunnels have become common, their expenses have constituted a significant share of overall transport costs. By reducing tolls, transportation costs can be decreased considerably. Precise toll calculation is the first step. Factor in applicable toll charges in when planning truck routes, compare alternatives, avoid tolls, and make sure your trucks are always on the most economic route available.

  • Why calculate tolls with the Toll Calculation API by PTV xServer?

    The PTV Toll Calculation API is a software developer component, available as a cloud-based web service or on-premises solution. Due to its standardized interface, the component can be easily integrated into your existing software architecture where it determines applicable tolls when planning truck routes.

    Our database contains precise and up-to-date information on toll roads, and when increases are announced, they are updated in our database and calculated in future trips. Sometimes it may make sense to take a small detour to avoid toll roads, and the PTV Toll Calculation API balances time-savings of toll roads and cost-savings of detours, then suggest the optimum route for your needs.

    • Accurate toll costs

      Calculate precise toll costs based on the vehicles’ specifications. Forecast toll costs for future trips by factoring in soon-to-come toll cost increases.

    • Use various payment methods

      Toll charges vary depending on the payment method chosen (e.g. cash, credit card, electronic toll collection). The PTV Toll Calculation API takes the specified payment method into consideration and calculates your exact tolls.

    • Know when to avoid toll roads

      Use the PTV Toll Calculation API to recognize and, if it makes sense, avoid toll roads within the route calculation.

  • Toll Calculation API Documentation

    API Version 1 is our established solution that is widely used in the market. Your company has been a customer for a while and hasn’t switched APIs recently? Then you’re most likely interested in the documentation on API Version 1 

    If you want to see integration samples, you can check them out in the xServer API Version 1 Code Sample Browser.


    API Version 2 is the future of PTV xServer as it’s designed in a completely new framework. It is easier to understand and as a programmer, you will benefit from improved flexibility and consistency. If your company recently integrated PTV xServer into their software solution, is still in the middle of it or is planning an integration soon, you should look at API Version 2