• Do your planners spend hours each day distributing orders to vehicles manually? That's no longer necessary. With PTV Route Optimizer, orders are automatically efficiently routed to optimized schedules. This shortens planning time significantly. The software doesn’t replace the planner, instead PTV Route Optimizer supports planners in their work and frees them up for other tasks. The result: efficient schedules and satisfied customers.

  • Reduce planning time

    Efficient routing and schedule optimization is like solving a complex puzzle; a puzzle that has more than one solution and whose pieces might change throughout. Assembling the puzzle pieces manually takes hours, and the result may not be optimal. PTV Route Optimizer reduces the complexity of routing and scheduling, saves your planners time, and leads to optimum results.

    At the core of PTV Route Optimizer are its intelligent and high-performance algorithms. They calculate all possible routes and schedules and compare the different possibilities, including travel times, distances and expenses. This way the software quickly determines the routes and schedules that are aligned with your goals. This frees up your planners for more important tasks such as taking care of your customers, supervising drivers and subcontractors, or searching for return freight to avoid empty runs.

  • More time for customers

    With PTV Route Optimizer your planners have more time to interact with customers. For example, they can inform customers about delayed arrivals due to traffic jams, boosting customer satisfaction. Additionally, short-term changes and one-off customer requests are no longer a problem. PTV Route Optimizer takes all restrictions into account and plans a new and optimized route within seconds.

  • Create time for tactical & strategic planning

    Your planners know best when it comes to bottlenecks in your transportation chain. However, often don’t have enough time to formulate and implement solutions. As PTV Route Optimizer takes over many of their time-consuming and tedious tasks, your planners are freed up to tackle tactical and strategic issues. For example, they can determine which routes should be outsourced, or calculate whether it makes sense to invest in fleet expansion.

  • Any questions?

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