• Your customer’s demands keep growing. Orders must be delivered faster and on time without compromising quality. PTV Route Optimizer helps you fulfil these expectations and improve customer service. Satisfied customers lead to more sales.

  • Increase on-time arrivals

    PTV Route Optimizer’s algorithms take all restrictions and requirements, such as the time needed to load or unload a pallet, into account. For you and your customers this means accurate plans and reliable delivery times. Also, you can easily inform your customers of delivery times by text message so they can prepare for delivery in advance.

  • Notify customers of delays

    Regardless of how well you plan delays can happen. PTV Route Optimizer alerts your planners in case of problems, enabling them to create a contingency plan. In case of a delayed delivery time, the software calculates an adjusted ETA which can you communicate to your customers.

  • Faster deliveries

    With PTV Route Optimizer, your planners distribute orders to vehicles with ease and create schedules within minutes. This means that orders you might have had to delay can be accepted and executed right away. Prompt deliveries lead to satisfied customers.

  • Any questions?

    Please contact us. We’re happy to help.