• Environmental consciousness doesn’t have to be costly. With PTV Route Optimizer, you cut CO2 emissions and save money. Our route planning and scheduling software calculates efficient routes and schedules for your entire fleet. Orders are combined for optimization and to make vehicles better utilized. Moreover, with PTV Route Optimizer your vehicles are always on the best and most efficient route. The result are lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

  • Calculate carbon footprint

    With PTV Route Optimizer you consume fewer resources and reduce your company's carbon footprint. At the same time, you are one step ahead of your competitors. Why? Given the increase of public scrutiny with regards to pollution control and carbon emissions, you should expect more regulations in the future. Additionally, customer demand and hence the market for CO2-neutral products in steadily growing. PTV Route Optimizer prepares you for this as it enables you to easily calculate CO2 emissions for your entire operation as well as for each customer.

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