• Do your freight costs increase disproportionately with a growth in business? Then PTV Route Optimizer is the right tool for you. Our software enables you to make optimal use of your fleet and ensures that your vehicles always take the best route possible. Install PTV Route Optimizer to reduce freight costs and boost the efficiency of your route planning and vehicle scheduling.

Reduce freight costs by cutting mileage, fuel and tolls

  • How does routing and scheduling software reduce transport costs? By distributing orders to available vehicles and calculating optimized routes automatically. Investing in a software solution pays off quickly, especially if your drivers make several trips per day and several stops per trip. This is possible because the software recognizes potential for improvementthat even experienced planners miss.

    What does “Optimized routes” mean? It means that every vehicle drives fewer miles and consumes less fuel. In turn, this reduces CO2 emissions.. But that's not all! PTV Route Optimizer automatically calculates the toll costs.

  • Freight cost reduction through more efficient vehicle use

    Routing and scheduling software ensures a more efficient distribution of orders among all available vehicles. In addition, deliveries and collections can be combined to avoid empty runs. This leads to a higher utilization of your fleet. In other words, you need fewer vehicles for the same volume of orders, or you can execute more orders with the same number of vehicles. By using your fleet more efficiently, you’ll lower operating expenses and transport costs.

Lower transportation costs with load space optimization

  • Your vehicles are assets, which you should use as efficiently as possible. A truck that is not fully loaded does not generate the highest possible turnover – yet costs are the same. PTV Route Optimizer calculates the optimal distribution of orders on vehicles and ensures maximum productivity and utilization. The result: Optimally loaded vehicles and a significant reduction in freight costs.

    Sometimes the maximum permitted weight of a vehicle is reached before the available loading space is used up. But rest assured, PTV Route Optimizer considers both maximum weight and available space.

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