• Good input leads to good output: In order to calculate optimal routes and schedules with PTV Route Optimizer, you need to feed the software with data and information about your customers, your fleet and your drivers. To enable an efficient transfer of data, PTV Route Optimizer comes with several integrations for all common transport management, ERP, CRM, MMS and telematics systems. These interfaces reduce the time of configuration when integrating PTV Route Optimizer into your software system and prevent data transfer errors.

PTV Route Optimizer and your TMS: a perfect match

  • All your orders are most likely stored in a transport management system, together with additional information such as pick-up and delivery addresses. Transferring all this data to a route planning software manually before being able to schedule routes would take a long time. Worse, this process would inevitably lead to mistakes in the data, inaccurate and inefficient planning. Connecting your transport management system to PTV Route Optimizer via intuitive integration is the solution.

    Our integrations facilitate a direct transmission of customer and delivery data. For your transport planners, this results in substantial time savings. Additionally, you can be certain that you’re planning with the most up-to-date and accurate data. Also, you can also transmit data from PTV Route Optimizer to your transport management system.

  • Import customer data from ERP and CRM

    You can also Integrate PTV Route Optimizer to your ERP or CRM system. Why is this important? Not all information needed for delivery is stored in your transport management system. For example, restrictions such as ramp hours might be stored in a different system. By connecting PTV Route Optimizer to your ERP or CRM system, this information can also be transferred automatically.

Transfer routes to telematics and on-board computers

  • Regardless of how optimal the routes and schedules your planner mapped out are, they are only successful if carried out. PTV Route Optimizer comes with interfaces for easy connection to telematics systems. This way, you can transfer planned routes directly to permanently installed, mobile on-board computers or telematics systems in the vehicles at the touch of a button. If your vehicles aren’t equipped with on-board computers, or do you work with subcontractors, your drivers can simply use the free PTV Driver App on their smartphones.

    The integration of PTV Route Optimizer offers many advantages. It allows you to determine the location of your vehicles in real-time and compare the planned with the actual status. You can re-route should delays occur, or automatically inform the recipients of the delivery of the expected time of arrival.

  • Any questions?

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