• Your transport planner’s job is to optimize your fleet use by distributing orders to vehicles and creating optimized schedules, but they must account for a variety of factors. For example, the shortest route may not be the fastest route. A balanced distribution of the workload among all drivers may lead to higher overall transportation costs. Furthermore, you must always be aware of HOS compliance.

    PTV Route Optimizer supports planners by:

    This saves your planners a great deal of time that they can spend on strategic tasks and, above all, leads to better decisions. Additionally, PTV Route Optimizer helps companies cut transportation costs. While companies with small fleets typically save 7% to 15% with PTV Route Optimizer, companies with larger fleets benefit from savings of 17% or more.

Optimize routing and scheduling

  • As the number of vehicles, depots and deliveries increase, so does the complexity of route planning and scheduling. PTV Route Optimizer calculates all possible solutions and suggests efficient routes and schedules within seconds. The results are hours of planning reduced to just a few minutes, which frees up your transport planner’s time for strategic tasks. Additionally, routing and scheduling with PTV Route Optimizer leads to better and more efficient results.

  • Compare alternate routes with ease

    PTV Route Optimizer calculates all alternate routes and displays them on a map. The software suggests the right vehicle for each trip and provides information like the calculated travel time and distance, as well as the costs involved. PTV Route Optimizer does the work, but your planners have the final say. The software simply enables them to consider all options and to make an informed decision. Additionally, planners can manually adjust and change the calculated routes or reassign orders at any time.

  • Requirements and restrictions automatically factored

    Restrictions such as legal rest times or driving bans, and specifications such as ramps times, make routing and scheduling highly complex. PTV Route Optimizer’s intelligent algorithms take all constraints into account when calculating optimized routes and schedules.

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