• Customer requirements and regulatory restrictions continue to grow, making transport planning an increasingly demanding task. Narrow delivery windows and access restrictions are just some examples of constraints that must be considered in routing and scheduling.

    PTV Route Optimizer turns the complexity of transport planning into efficiency. Transport planners can easily enter regulations, customer demands, depot information and vehicle specifications into PTV Route Optimizer. When distributing orders to drivers and calculating routes, the software automatically takes all constraints into account. Transport planning has never been this easy.

  • Vehicle restrictions in routing and scheduling

Time limits and duration

  • Customers often specify opening hours or narrow time windows for delivery. Your drivers might stand in front of locked doors and face long waiting times if they don’t arrive on-time. You might even have to pay a penalty for late deliveries.

    Regulations, such as driving and rest periods, further complicate route planning and scheduling. With PTV Route Optimizer, you can be certain that all constraints are accounted for. Simply save restrictions, such as fixed appointments or opening times in the system. The software automatically includes them when calculating routes and schedules for your drivers.


  • Not every vehicle is suitable for every job. Whether your job requires a refrigerator truck, a forklift, or a different type of vehicle, PTV Route Optimizer automatically selects the right transporter for each job.

Cargo, weight & volume

  • Ensure ideal loading and optimize your fleet’s capacity. In suggesting schedules and routes, PTV Route Optimizer suggests schedules and routes that considers maximum loading and specifies how many pallets or rolling containers can be accommodated in a truck or van. Furthermore, PTV Route Optimizer takes the cargo type into account and enables you to avoid roads not suitable for hazardous goods.

Loading and unloading points

  • A short ramp, a narrow gate, no forklift trucks… at some stops, delivery is challenging. Once information on stops is stored in PTV Route Optimizer, the software selects the appropriate vehicle for each trip. Additionally, when loading and unloading addresses are unknown, you can enter coordinates instead of an address.

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