Excellent & precise data is key for equally excellent transportation models. Use our customized traffic data, specially designed to be used in combination with PTV Group software products.

  • What makes a traffic model excellent?

    Use readily available data

    Avoid the time and cost-intensive search for data in the correct format. We are happy to offer consultation and provide you with the right data for your specific purposes, already formatted for use in the PTV software.

    We offer expert advice on external data providers as well

    We work with all major data providers worldwide. Get independent advice and determine the best data for your region and your specific business purposes with our assistance.

    Always up-to-date

    We keep on top of current trends for you and consistently determine the benefits of new data sources, including mobile data. With our quality assurance and refinement processes, this data can be integrated into your model quickly and easily.

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We’re committed to provide accurate service & support when needed.