Big Data Analytics

Data is the lifeline of the digital economy. Networked devices, such as smart phones, which can provide geolocation information, and cloud-based services, generate data and insights that create innovative power and bring about new developments.

    • Solutions for route planning, transportation logistics, traffic management, telematics, mobility platforms, navigation, and the data related to traffic and logistics operations are all designed to enable users to move forward quickly and reliably.

      To meet these demands, PTV Group processes data from different sources from leading international vendors. The result: reliable and highly-detailed maps, including seamless routing for all countries, additional content, such as feature layers or aerial and satellite imagery, special traffic data, or simply the specific spatial dataset you need. Alternatively, there are solutions for the integration of maps into existing applications.

      Our customers benefit from our experience working in the fields of traffic, transportation and, logistics, and data collected by PTV Group can be used for different O-D traffic issues in transportation planning and for traffic forecasts. Also highly valuable: the aggregation and integration of various datasets within the scope of software products and solutions. We focus on new technological developments that keep us up-to-date with latest data business trends.

  • Solutions on Big Data Analytics, and: