Do you need to further optimize your transport logistics in the healthcare sector?

  • Dear customers, partners,

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has changed everything. As a society, we realize, now more than ever, that the effective operation of businesses in healthcare-related industries is critical to everyone’s well-being.

    That is why PTV Group is offering scheduling and route optimization software to those companies at no initial cost on a temporary basis.

    The software is PTV Route Optimizer CL, a cloud-based solution that can be implemented in a single workday without disturbance to current daily operations, allowing the distribution of all orders automatically and optimally.

    In this challenging time, the ability to deliver supplies faster, more efficiently, and with limited resources translates into lives saved.

    If your business is in a critical industry, or if you know of one, that could benefit from software for planning, scheduling and optimizing transportation operations, please get in touch with us. PTV Group is committed to doing its share to help healthcare-related companies during this global emergency.

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