Ensuring mobility in times of demographic change

  • In recent years, numerous projects have been initiated and implemented aiming to ensure publicly accessible mobility services in rural areas, even in times of demographic change.

    With the publication of the BMVBS brochure "Mobility Assurance in Times of Demographic Change" published in autumn 2012, PTV prepared, systematized and documented the results of these projects to a wide public. The documentation primarily addresses rural stakeholders in the areas of "services of general interest" and "mobility".

    Within the framework of the study, four modules for integrated mobility concepts were identified:

    • Stationary services (module 1)
    • Mobile services (module 2)
    • Sustainable mobility offers (module 3)
    • Organization and marketing (module 4)

    Each component is specified by concrete measures and illustrated by practical examples in the form of interviews with the relevant actors.