Smart City – Urban Transport for the day after tomorrow

  • The "Smart City – Urban Transport for the day after tomorrow" project examines how urban transport in 2045 or 2065 might look like, and which municipalities have to prepare for different developments or to influence or shape them.

  • To this purpose, research projects and studies are evaluated, with a view to developments that are conceivable from today's point of view. On this basis, various "ideal types" of urban transport are developed. These oversized future images are clarified and examined with the aid of reference examples and the description of typical daily sequences of exemplary residents (personas) in order to derive recommendations for action from them.

  • Future images for urban transport

    On the basis of current projects, design studies and visions, future trends for urban transport are developed in 2045 and 2065.

    Recommendations for municipal actors

    By deriving requirements from the different future images, design possibilities and recommendations for action are developed for municipal actors.