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More precise

  • Routing with TomTom traffic information

    PTV Map&Guide internet now uses traffic information from TomTom. This provides you with high data quality. For static routing, for example, the current version takes long-term closures into account. So you always know when and where you are free to travel. Thanks to real-time data, you can achieve realistic results in live planning.

  • This means in detail

    • More amount of traffic data (3 times more in Germany, more than 6 times in France)
    • New countries with traffic data: Czech Republic, Spain, Ireland, Portugal
    • During the route planning you can include:

      • Blockings
      • Permanent closures and permanent construction sites
      • Traffic jams in general
      • Display of the delay (in minutes) and length (in meters) of a traffic obstruction

    • Calculation of the expected delay in minutes
    • Display the data in the map with quick info on the type of blocking

Make efficient decisions

  • Compare alternative routes

    More economical, faster, shorter or even more ecological? With PTV Map&Guide internet, you can compare the route and the associated costs, distances, times and emissions of different planning scenarios with just a few clicks.

    • Simultaneous display of several routes on the map
    • Display of the difference amounts in comparison to the main route
    • Display of total results across all routes
  • This means in details

    Compare up to five routes by::

    • Total cost
    • Average cost per kilometer
    • Driver costs
    • Toll costs
    • Toll distance
    • Total distance
    • Driving time
    • Travel time
    • Waiting time
    • Margin
    • CO2 Emission
  • tender+

    If addresses without coordinates are used, the columns "Length/X-coordinate" and "Width/Y-coordinate" no longer show "0" but "-".

Additional updates

    • New map Europe City 2020.1 H
    • Toll update for Herrentunnel
    • Tabs moving availability
    • Saving the route planning tab together with stations
    • Default time windows and durations of stay for stations can be now saved
    • Truck ban zones in Köln
    • New function in next search: copy search center to clipboard
    • Perimieters can now also be created from the context menu in the map in the "Route planning" and "Data manager" tabs, without opening the "Perimeters" tab