The MaaS Accelerator Program

Components for modelling, simulating, operating and controlling Mobility as a Service operations in any city worldwide - that is what the PTV MaaS Accelerator Program provides.

Components connecting innovation and experience

Mobility as a Service will fundamentally change our daily lives, our cities and our mobility behavior. This will present tremendous challenges, above all for mobility providers, automotive manufacturers and city administrations.

With PTV Group's software solutions, you can already assemble plans and business models for the mobility of the future and successfully implement MaaS concepts around the world.

  • We offer 4 decades of experience in route planning and sequenze optimisation
  • Over 3,000 cities worldwide, who rely on our solutions for traffic modeling and simulation
  • Leading real-time technology and expertise in the provision and integration of software components
  • A unique network of cities, automotive manufacturers, data suppliers, public transport operators, international organizations and research facilities.

Mobility solutions tailored to your needs

The MaaS Accelerator Program is aimed at both car manufacturers and mobility providers who wish to bring Shared Mobility services to market with their own vehicle fleet, as well as to city administrations who want to calculate the impact of MaaS on urban transport and control its implementation.

Automotive industry
Transport operators
System integrators
Simulate an effective business model for your Maas fleet, based on a specific city model and taking into account e.g. vehicle utilisation and vehicle types.
Use our components to model, simulate, and understand the impact of MaaS on your mobility mix within the city.
Calculate the viability of your MaaS fleet within any given city based on e.g. vehicle utilisation and its integration on other modes of transport.
Evaluate strategic concepts and proposals to define the most efficient business model for MaaS operations.
Integrate our MaaS Components into your system to analyse, handle and operate Mobility as a Service and related real-time operations.

PTV MaaS Modeller

Calculate the relevant KPIs to create an effective business model for Mobility as a Service Fleets within any city infrastructure.

The PTV MaaS Modeller is the right solution for you to:

  • Model MaaS fleet operations
  • Report fleet operational performance KPIs
  • Model the entire multimodal traffic system performance
  • Analyse congestion impact
  • Analyse the competition with other modes of transport
  • Integrate your potential business model in existing models & data provided by cities

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PTV MaaS Simulator

Provide detailed visual of mobility scenarios, taking into account autonomous vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, and public transport.

The PTV MaaS Simulator is the right solution for you to:

  • Simulate vehicle characteristics & dynamics
  • Simulate drop-off and pick-up and interchange points
  • Simulate network-wide traffic control
  • Simulate connected vehicles & infrastructure
  • Plan and simulate interaction of AV’s, pedestrians and bicycles
  • Optimize traffic

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PTV MaaS Operator

Operate a multimodal MaaS-Fleet in real-time, optimizing the trips and capacity of vehicles related to the infrastructure and traffic data of the city.

The PTV MaaS Operator is the right solution for you to:

  • Core component for your real-time multimodal MaaS Operating System
  • Real-time optimisation of dispatching/routing
  • Real-time traffic prediction: advanced routing optimisation
  • Central coordination of:
    • Real-time operations, trip requests and vehicle assignments
    • Vehicle occupancy & system efficiency
    • Monitoring of waiting times
  • Data warehousing for analysing and optimizing your system

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PTV MaaS Controller

Integrate all of the components to build an overall city operating system including real-time control of connected transport and traffic prediction.

The PTV MaaS Controller is the right solution for you to:

  • Real-time control of connected vehicles & hardware
  • Traffic prediction & route optimisation
  • Traffic light optimisation
  • VMS signal control
  • Automated control of traffic
  • Fleet management

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A powerful solution and partnership

Our Mobility as a Service-components can be used individually or combined into an individual, customized MaaS portfolio. As the MaaS program is being developed on an ongoing basis, PTV Group also offers interested companies a strategic multi-year cooperation partnership. The advantage is that partners have exclusive access to new components, user licenses for the underlying PTV software products, and a dedicated PTV project team, which is available for training, support and additional services.

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