• We are pleased about a comprehensive and dynamic partner landscape. The extensive network includes industry leaders and representatives from the areas of logistics software, telematics services, master data management, sales staff and service technician planning, product resellers and system and consulting companies. Become part of our community.

Our Partners

  • SE4L– Software Engineering for Logistics GmbH provides modular shipping software in a multilingual design with variable forms and reports. Special attention has been paid in the programming to ensure that the integrated vehicle communications and vehicle tracking systems from various vendors are compatible with functions of communication traffic, vehicle positioning, remaining travel time monitoring, Circle of Service, Out of Route, travel time and shift time monitoring. It can therefore also be used as a fleet software and scheduling software.
    Other modules, such as route optimisation, order management and billing, automatic conditioning and account assignment, city and street distances works, EDIfact and ODETTE interfaces, document management and key figures make the software a complete solution. In addition to shipping software, SAUER also offers its customers solutions for warehousing, logistics, workshops, service stations, vehicle fleet management and order management systems.


  • The Sigma group specialises in software publishing, web consulting, service integration and facilities management. Founded in 1972, the group is strategically positioned across France with offices in Nantes (head office), Paris, Strasbourg and Toulouse. It is by focusing on added value that we approach our customers. Sigma's comprehensive range of products and services caters to the needs and requirements of staff and line management in all corporate sectors. The company positions itself as your ideal long-term IT partner, to assist you in all your future developments.

    The extensive knowledge and understanding of freight management, warehouse management, energy distribution and energy maintenance systems enables Sigma to design and implement tailor-made, integrated supply chain solutions:

    • Trucking Online®, an optimised Transportation Management System (TMS)
    • Chargeur Online : Shipping Management
    • Tess : Warehouse Management and Logistics Platform
    • iCopitole : Energy distribution and maintenance solutions


  • SMS is the IT subsidiary of the LABRUYERE group.

    It has garnered good experience in its main activities: large-scale distribution, logistics and transport.

    All the products come as part of a comprehensive SMS package: equipment and installation, software, roll-out and training, other software on the market: accountancy, cartography,..., maintenance (including first-level support), SMS services compatible with the company's training budget, information management and the materials supply trade.

    The IT support includes recommended tweaks and changes and the application of other IT solutions.


  • The SoftProject GmbH was founded in 2000. Around 75 employees are involved in the development of Business Process Management Suite X4, which helps SoftProject customers optimise and automate business processes. With the Business Process Management (BPM) X4 platform, solutions are implemented in the shortest possible time thanks to pre-configured industry processes. X4 serves as the central basis for any type of IT networking system. Employees, partners and customers are integrated into business processes with the help of adapters (e. g. EDI, SEPA, SAP R/3, PDF and many more) and convenient user interfaces.

    More than 300 national and international customers optimise their business processes successfully with X4, including for example Bosch, BMW, carexpert, Condor, DEKRA, DKB, Janitos, Nürnberger, R+V, Signal Iduna, Siemens, Satorius, Skandia, DLR Deutsche Luft- und Raumfahrt, Testo, Vattenfall and TÜV.


  • SPEDION develops modern, user-oriented telematics solutions with low investment costs. With the SPEDION app - the mobile pay-per-use software solution for android-based mobile devices like tablet or smartphone - logistics companies can conduct their fleet and order management professionally, without any contractual obligation. Features of the individually bookable service packages include working hours recording, messages and orders, ECO-FMS analysis, driving times and rest periods, document management, location and navigation.

    With no need for time-consuming manual inputting, the SPEDION app enables automatic transfer of the trips created in the dispatch software. Via API (RI interface), the trips are transferred to the relevant vehicle using the SPEDION app and are displayed, PTV carries out routing to the destination. Current info from the navi, such as remaining distance to the destination (ETA), is read and displayed in the SPEDIONline web portal and in the SPEDION portal app. 

    Directly to the provider: SPEDION

  • Synovo develops optimisation and activity management solutions for transport and logistics companies and for any company with fleets of vehicles. At the moment, the company specialises in medical transportation with its flagship product, the Saphir software suite.


  • Técnicas de Ingeniería S.L. is an engineering and technology company specialising in the integration and development of solutions for the transport sector.
    Founded in 1997, with its head office in Murcia (Spain), it has more than 12,000 vehicles, making it a leading pioneering company in Spain.
    Under the brand name GesInFlot, it provides the full range of solutions for the transport sector, including the most technologically advanced solutions and the best suppliers of tools for the transport sector available on the market. Among these is the PTV GROUP, with its professional navigation solutions designed for Android.

    In November 2012, Técnicas de Ingeniería S.L. entered the Latin American Market with its subsidiary GesInFlot LATAM S.A., having its principal place of business in Santiago de Chile.


  • TIS GmbH in Bocholt is one of the market leaders for demanding telematics projects. TIS stands for Technical Information Systems. For 30 years, we have been developing intelligent telematics solutions for haulage agents, transport and logistics companies and commercial chains. Our work is distinguished by our enthusiasm for technology - and the aim of finding truly practicable and economical solutions to our customers' everyday challenges. Wherever you want to manage processes or design them more efficiently, wherever you want to transfer data wirelessly, we are there for you. We design your ideas as technologies which are optimally designed for insertion into your system landscape and which function reliably. The latest product generation from TIS is made up of platform-independent software solutions under the brand name TISLOG.

    TISLOG stands for platform-independent high-end telematics and the latest software. With our partners' high-performance hardware and our hardware accessories designed in-house, TISLOG becomes the optimal complete solution for your company. 

    TISWARE - selected hardware & software From the compact beginner model to the multi-functional high-end device - get the best from your TISLOG solution! With TISWARE, we offer you specially selected and tested hardware and software components for mobile data recording, like robust mobile devices, tablets and mobile scanners or integrated navigation software and terminal emulations.

    TISPLUS - value-added accessories In addition to the high-performance mobile devices and tablets from well-reputed manufacturers, we offer enhancing accessories developed in-house which ensure greater user comfort. Our TISPLUS products are 100% developed, constructed and produced in Germany. 


    You can find more information on our products and services here:
    TIS GmbH 
    Telematics Magazin 
    TIS Innomatik

  • With over 1,000 installations, TRANSDATA Soft- und Hardware GmbH is one of the leading developers of logistical solutions for the transport industry. They have been developing industry software in the fields of forwarding, distribution and storage since 1988.

    TRANSDATA successfully uses the PTV xServer in order to visualise the address, vehicle, order and journey data on maps and to calculate distances and toll charges.


  • Transics is an international player in truck and trailer management. The company employs a passionate, international team of telematics experts, serving the transport and logistics industry. Transics thinks and operates on a large scale: its solutions are finding their way to countless European carriers what made Transics a market leader in fleet management.

    Transics provides a total suite of solutions, helping carriers with the management of trucks, drivers, trailers, cargo and orders. Every solution is developed with one goal in mind: help customers raise their productivity while trimming costs.

    In addition, Transics also promotes transparency and integration. Increased transparency within the logistics chain ensures that fleet info is available beyond the borders of the planning department. The management team can rely on extensive reporting tools to help them better achieve their company goals. Subcontractors and contractors, too, will benefit from faster and better fleet communications.


  • With Roadlox Truck Telematics, Trendfire offers you the perfect one stop shop, manufacturer-independent complete solution for your entire fleet. roadlox stands for the highest standards of reliability, ease of use, extraordinary range of functions and excellent quality. All hardware and software is developed in-house by us and is produced in Germany. Telematics to perfection, that's what we strive for. 

    Extraordinary range of functions, take a look for yourself: 

    • Vehicle location, GPS location, Tracking, Geofencing 
    • Manufacturer-independent driver evaluation 
    • Fleet management 
    • Trip planning with arrival time monitoring 
    • Order documentation 
    • Overview of tank status and fuel consumption 
    • Communication with the driver 
    • Monitoring of driving times, rest periods and working hours 
    • Remote download of mass storage and the driver map 
    • Monitoring of cold chains 
    • Automatic expenses claims 
    • Forms, checklists, departure checks 
    • FMS data evaluation 
    • Monitoring of the auxiliary drives 
    • Data export (Excel spreadsheet) 
    • and much more. 

    Directly to the provider: trendfire

  • Positioning-centric information is changing the way people, businesses and governments work throughout the world. By applying Trimble's advanced positioning solutions, productivity increases and safety improvements are being realized.

    Though best known for GPS technology, Trimble integrates a wide range of positioning technologies including GPS, laser, optical and inertial technologies with application software, wireless communications, and services to provide complete commercial solutions. Its integrated solutions allow customers to collect, manage and analyse complex information faster and easier, making them more productive, efficient and profitable.

    Trimble products are used in over 141 countries around the world. Employees in more than 30 countries, coupled with a highly capable network of dealers and distribution partners serve and support our customers.

    For over 33 years, Trimble has created unique positioning products that help customers grow their business. Our portfolio includes over 1,800 patents and serves as the basis for the broadest positioning offerings in the industry. Trimble augments its organic product development with strategic acquisitions to bring the latest positioning technologies to a wider market.


  • Urios has been specialising in the provision of management solutions aimed at road transport companies (freight forwarders, shippers, cooperatives, etc.) since 1992. These software solutions run under Microsoft's Windows graphic environment for reasons of ergonomics and user-friendliness under an InterBase 6.5 or Oracle 10g database in order to ensure the highest level of reliability (Oracle is the global leader in the database market).
    It is thanks to its 500 clients that Urios can maintain and enhance a team with a level of expertise equal to the requirements that may be represented by transport businesses in terms of messaging, loads, bundling, etc.


  • VDQ Business Solutions GmbH is a software company from Germany which focuses on the development and optimisation of corporate processes.

    With LogPro, VDQ has an intelligent modular system, which is flexible, individual and efficient.

    Log Pro falls into the category of process management systems and fleet management systems. It contains an interaction of logistics and processes, i.e. all processes within a company are compactly combined into a LogPro portal and therefore can be planned, controlled, assessed and monitored.

    LogPro manages processes on the mobile internet and specialises in web-based process applications, bar codes and RFID technology. With LogPro GPS location, the customer is able to plan, control and monitor their fleet and vehicles. The LogPro system can easily be expanded to driver's licence verification, order management, telemetry data etc.

    Thanks to many years of experience, VDQ is always a knowledgeable contact for its customers, even when it comes to special requirements. VDQ Business Solutions therefore already counts many renowned service companies as its customers.


  • The Vehco group (merger of ELOmobile and Vehco in March 2011) develops and markets complete solutions for professional vehicle management (HGV, buses and light-duty vehicles). Their solutions consist of a software package with embedded electronics that allow for optimisation of mobile resources: geolocalisation and fleet management,  driver management according to legislation (from speedometer readings up to preparing payroll), eco-driving, transport order and trip management, temperature control,  trailer tracking, driver, vehicle and goods safety.

    Today the group has 120 employees, 6 subsidiaries, 30,000 solutions installed and 800 customers in Europe.


  • The WESSENDORF Software + Consulting GmbH (WSC) has specialized in SAP solutions since 1997. As an SAP software development partner, WSC combines extensive SAP expertise with years of experience in efficient design of business processes. The software add-ons of WSC are included in the market-leading software solutions. The integration solutions for scheduling and deployment planning with ClickSoftware and visualized spare parts catalogues from LinkOne (Ventyx) are used worldwide. The PTV xServers are effectively integrated into SAP by the corresponding ABAP/4 add-on, "Map & Guide for SAP®". Additional middleware is not required. They are therefore available in SAP for route planning, geocoding and address validation. Routes can be tested and optimised. For some SAP standard transactions, the add-on can be activated immediately without further customisation.


  • The WITRON Logistik + Informatik GmbH plans and implements customised logistics and material flow systems. WITRON combines key elements such as logistics planning, information and control engineering, mechanical engineering and mechanical manufacturing as well as the functional responsibility of a general logistics contractor. With experience from more than 2,000 completed logistics projects, WITRON lays the cornerstone for competitive advantage as early as the conceptual design phase. Individual service and operating models precisely tailored to the needs of WITRON customers are an important factor for long-term, trusting customer relationships. Complete coverage of the entire project control loop is an optimal basis for continual development of existing logistics modules and for demand-driven new development. WITRON uses PTV MapServer for transport optimisation in their "Transport & Delivery" service package.


  • WOLF SOFTWARE helps companies optimise their costs and boost their competitiveness. For this purpose, WOLF SOFTWARE has developed "LoGo3" - an innovative logistics information and management system. LoGo 3 is a software that can be deployed across a range of industries, bringing together all the components of modern logistics management and thus resulting in cost optimisation and supporting management with decision-making.
    The modular structure of the software makes it possible to adapt it individually to the needs of a company; it accommodates all day-to-day distribution activities. LoGo 3 is therefore the optimum tool for managing, planning, steering and controlling all transport logistics activities, including personnel and fleet management.
    In the context of the LoGo Academy, WOLF SOFTWARE also provides extensive customer support in the form of numerous seminars and workshops on various topics such as driver training and individual instruction.


  • Xplanis AG was created in 2010 through a management buyout by the CEO of the former PTV SWISS AG. Our goal is to provide our customers with consultation and software solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies that seamlessly fit into their existing processes. With the help of our cloud-based transport management system X4fleet we help our customers achieve a long-term reduction of operating costs and a significant improvement in transparency and reliability. X4fleet enables our customers to create or import shipments, plan and optimize tours and forward them seamlessly to the X4fleet driver APP. With our X4gateway we are able to integrate existing transport data into X4fleet in the fastest way possible. For planning and optimization tasks, we use the PTV xServers.

    Our customers include couriers, delivery services, trading and production companies, transport and recycling companies, construction companies and companies in the concrete industry as well as fuel and oil carriers.

    X4fleet is a cloud based logistics system, comprised of a fully-featured transport management system with a complete integration of vehicle and driver data by means of the X4fleet driver APP as well as an integration platform for various IoT services. X4fleet provides the user with extensive functions and features to assist in the planning, scheduling and monitoring of all aspects of the transport process. Our solution is fully scalable and can therefore cover the needs of both small and large companies. We put a special emphasis on providing our customers with comprehensive and clever optimization functions that fit the requirements of their individual business case.



  • About 140 companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with 2 to 150 users workstations use the industrial software from Xpoint. Products from Xpoint are characterized by their practical orientation and economy. The energy and oil trade in the future needs more than ever comprehensive and variable software design. With a variety of product lines, Xpoint aims precisely at the demand for a practical solution with great future security:

    X-oil (mineral oil trade), X-tanken Int. (service station billing), X-fibunet (financial accounting), X-LVS (warehouse management), X-archiv (document archiving), X-map Info (graphical sales support), X-map Dispo (scheduling support) and X-wärme (heat engineering).

    One thing that all programs in common: practicality, reliability and expandability.