• Transport Logistics Consulting

    Changes in the product portfolio or in the customer structure, fluctuating freight costs and increased demands in terms of delivery speed and quality are fundamental challenges impacting delivery networks that have developed organically. New systems and services driven by the ongoing digitalization force players in the transport logistics industry to constantly review and rethink their delivery strategies and processes. In order to ensure that goods arrive anywhere in the world on time, efficiently and with the least possible impact on resources, it is vital to ensure that logistics structures, processes and systems are optimally interlinked. Based on our expertise and insight, we help our customers make the right decisions, enabling them to create highly efficient transportation processes.

    We offer you advice on all aspects of transport logistics. No matter whether you are in the process of selecting the most suitable systems and service providers, want to design your transportation management processes or optimize your transportation networks and routes – together we can develop strategies and concepts tailored to your specific needs. Over 40 years experience as a leading software provider in the field of transport logistics means that we are able to provide our customers with viable solutions based on current best practices. 

    Our consultants use PTV’s market-leading software and invest all their expertise and experience to solve your specific transport logistics issues.

    We provide consulting support in the following areas ...

  • Transportation management and digitization
      • Design of transportation management processes

      • Design of cooperation models with logistics partners
      • Selecting and booking transportation service providers
      • Selecting and booking 4PL/lead logistics providers
      • Selecting suitable transportation management systems
      • Transportation consolidation strategies (e.g. optimization of delivery schedules, air-to-ocean)
      • Green logistics concepts for sustainable transportation processing
      • Digitization potential in the field of transport logistics

  • Optimization of transportation networks
      • As-Is analysis of the transportation network to identify performance deficits
      • Transportation network design: Cross-segment planning of depots and consolidation points
      • Design of distribution networks and warehouse structures
      • Tactical planning of delivery areas based on customer delivery patterns or defined shipment frequencies
      • Delivery service segmentation - e.g. based on customer or product segments or specific regions
      • Location planning and optimization
  • Route optimization and concepts for the last mile
      • Framework for the use of route optimization solutions (definition, processes, master data, collaboration)
      • Strategic route planning: Planning territories with standard routes as well as strategic delivery areas
      • Concepts and best practices to improve last-mile logistics
      • Selection and implementation of specialized logistics service providers for last-mile delivery
  • We carefully analyze a variety of measures in order to make logistics processes more efficient and sustainable. In doing so, we can help logistics service providers and public sector partners make informed decisions regarding transport logistics optimization.

    Sebastian Scherer
    Head of Consulting, Transport Logistics Unit