• Integrate ETA relevant features into your software with the PTV Drive&Arrive API

    PTV Drive&Arrive is a developer component that calculates the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of trucks at their destinations. The component can be integrated into most transport, fleet, yard and dock management software solutions easily to enrich them with all ETA relevant features. It calculates expected arrival times based on tour information logged in the haulier’s transport management software in combination with the truck's position data (for example collected by the PTV Driver App, available for Android or iOs). In addition, PTV Drive&Arrive makes position and arrival information available to all stakeholders of the transportation chain – from shipper, to haulier, to ramp.

  • Connecting the transportation chain from shipper to ramp with real-time data

    PTV Drive&Arrive creates a win-win-win for shipper, haulier and ramp operator. It keeps all stakeholders of the transportation chain up-to-date on delays and expected arrival times. Thereby, it enables them to intervene in case of disruptions, plan resources accordingly and reduce idle times. This results in more efficiency for everyone: Ramp operators know when to expect incoming transports and are able to ensure an efficient and balanced use of their resources, hauliers reduce long and unproductive waiting times at ramps, and shippers avoid contractual penalties, while maintaining a high service quality.

  • Shipper
    Gain control over transportation process
    Gain control over transportation process

    Receive live information on the status of your shipments and impending delays. Better evaluate contract performance of hauliers and provide excellent service as well as up-to-date information to your customers.

  • Haulier
    Keep customers informed & reduce idle times
    Keep customers informed & reduce idle times

    Track your vehicles and their estimated arrival times, inform recipients of delayed arrivals, transfer unloading time slots at ramps spontaneously and reduce waiting times at docks.

  • Ramp
    Boost ramp and warehouse efficiency
    Boost ramp and warehouse efficiency

    Keep an overview of all incoming transports, schedule time slots at ramps dynamically, accelerate unloading, increase ramp and warehouse efficiency and improve control of downstream processes.

This is why PTV Drive&Arrive is a leading solution in the market

  • High-performing and secure
  • PTV Drive&Arrive ist hosted on high-performing server farms. For you this means that the software runs reliably and your data is safe.

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  • PTV Drive&Arrive for partners


    Do you want to enhance your commercial telematics, fleet or yard management solution with functionalities for calculating expected truck arrival times precisely and reliably, and do so quickly and at a low cost? Are you looking for a partner that provides you with an easy-to-integrate API as well as excellent enablement support? Become a valued PTV Partner and benefit from exclusive advantages.


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