Sharing the estimated time of arrival with PTV Drive&Arrive for an optimised supply chain

One of your trucks is stuck in traffic? The cloud-based service PTV Drive&Arrive will automatically and in real-time inform all members of the supply chain about the new estimated time of arrival (ETA), enabling transport mananagers to react flexibly and docks to prepare for unloading.

  • How can you increase efficiency along the supply chain?

    ETA is the new tracking

    Keep an eye on all your trucks, make sure that service and contracts are fulfilled and get more transparency over your subcontractors.

    Dynamically managing the approach

    Increase your warehouse efficiency by displaying all incoming trucks on a digital Arrival Board at your ramp. When a truck arrives, your employees are prepared and ready to unload.

    Informing the customers

    Improve your customer service by providing a precise and reliable time of arrival and be one step ahead of your competitors.

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PTV Drive&Arrive is exciting, not only for our customers, but also for us. If we know what time a lorry will arrive at our warehouse, we can assign a dock to that lorry in advance and automatically send a message to inform the driver.

Hessel Jonkman
ICT and Relationships Manager, Tielbeke

By using a sophisticated and unique algorithm, we can calculate the most accurate estimated time of arrival available on the market.

Stephan Ruppert
Solution Director PTV Drive&Arrive at PTV Group