• Reducing travel time with traffic-adaptive signal control

    In 2010 the three cities of Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot renewed and combined their road traffic systems to make them more efficient reducing delays and travel times for individual and public traffic. With a population of over one million, the three cities together with some smaller towns in close proximity form the Tricity metropolitan area.

    In a joint project led by Qumak S.A., together with MSR Traffic (Przeźmierowo), GEVAS Software (Munich), and PTV Group, over 150 controlled intersections, were re-engineered, equipped with a TSP system. Now they are optimised with adaptive signal control software PTV Epics and PTV Balance. On top of them a strategic management system was installed, utilising dynamic message signs, cameras for automatic number plate recognition and a CCTV system.

    A city-wide dynamic traffic model (DRIVERS by GEVAS Software) calculates the traffic state and the current flows in the road network and forwards them to PTV Balance as the basis for the optimisation. The resulting optimised signal plans are then transferred to the MSR Traffic controllers. Here, the local traffic adaptive signal control, PTV Epics adjusts them to the present detector situation optimising green waves for travellers. Thanks to PTV Epics and PTV Balance, the cities have reduced the travel time for private vehicles by 18% and the travel time for public transport by 9%.