PTV MaaS Accelerator Program: Component technologies for your MaaS operations

The PTV Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Accelerator Program is a complete portfolio of component technologies for planning MaaS operations all the way to operating and managing MaaS in any given city around the world – designed for automotive OEMs and city governments alike. The complete program is a progressive co-development process engaging a customer, or partner, all the way from modelling and evaluating MaaS operations, through to simulating, optimising actual operations, controlling, and where necessary, integrating with a city or state’s overall mobility platform, or in a city’s mobility mix operating system.

  • The four steps of the PTV MaaS Accelerator Program:

    PTV MaaS Modeller

    PTV MaaS Modeller allows automotive OEMs to do the plans for their MaaS business operations including the identification of the optimum size of their vehicle fleet, types of cars to be used or the waiting times. Furthermore, the PTV MaaS Modeller is of great benefit to city governments, in need to prepare their city business plans for how does MaaS interact with their current plans for transport and public transport.

    PTV MaaS Simulator

    PTV MaaS Simulator looks at the detailed interaction of pedestrians and bicycles against autonomous vehicles and shared mobility services.

    PTV MaaS Operator

    PTV MaaS Operator, the component for demand management and route optimisation both in real-time as well as offline, enables vehicles operators to run and manage their vehicle fleets in an efficient manner concurrently intelligently serving mobility users by bringing them with utmost convenience from the point of origin to their desired destination.

    PTV MaaS Controller

    PTV MaaS Controller is a component for the integration into a city’s mobility operation system enabling efficient traffic management, public transport operations and network planning.

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For many years at PTV Group, we’ve addressed the traffic demand management market, and also separately, the logistics and fleet optimisation and management market. Bringing these two aspects together has given us the ideal solution to planning, optimising and operating MaaS, and eventually the full deployment of fleets of autonomous vehicles.

Miller Crockart
Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing Traffic, PTV Group

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