Calculating impact and performance of Mobility as a Service with PTV MaaS Modeller

We are on our way to smarter cities. But how can you calculate performance and revenue of your autonomous fleet and your MaaS operations? Evaluate and enhance your business case with PTV MaaS Modeller.

  • Is your MaaS business case solid?

    Modell and plan your MaaS operations

    Modell MaaS fleet operations as well as the entire multimodal traffic system performance and report fleet operational performance KPIs.

    Calculate your costs and revenue

    Consider your maintenance costs, your level of service, your cost-revenue ratio operational and compare your maintenance costs versus revenue.

    Determine your business model

    With the PTV MaaS Modeller you can analyse the competition with other modes and identify the optimal occupancy level for your vehicles based on flexible demand levels and real scenarios of your individual city parameters.

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