Comprehensive CO2 calculator for your trucks

  • With PTV Map&Guide, you can calculate CO2 from your trucks and HGVs according to their attributes, and determine which other emissions are released. The most notorious of these are particulate matter as it is a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. By calculating your CO2 emissions, you can equip your vehicles in a targeted manner and prepare your company for any future regulations.


  • What restrictions are already in place?

    Clients who commission logistics companies are increasingly requesting proof of the CO2 emissions released as part of the green logistics movement. This means that corporate concern about sustainability is becoming more important in the logistics sector. Furthermore, individual European countries have already introduced statutory restrictions. For example, the French regulation acts as a foundation for emissions calculation by making it mandatory for logistics companies to publicly declare their CO2 emissions for transports within, as well as in and out of France. The integrated emissions calculation in PTV Map&Guide prepares you for green logistics and helps reduce your vehicle’s carbon footprints.

  • Detailed emissions report for your truck route

    This report enables you to evaluate the exact CO2 emissions result before departure. You can also optimise your route and vehicles from an emissions perspective at any time. PTV Map&Guide calculates emissions based on the vehicle used, its weight, height gain on the route and in a specific traffic situation.

    • More benefits with PTV Map&Guide’s CO2 calculator:
    • Quick and easy-to-use CO2 calculator
    • Detailed CO2 emissions report for your trucks and routes
    • Calculation of CO2 emissions based on the French decree 2011-1336, according to which a CO2 report has to be drawn up for all transports within or through France (statutorily compliant emissions report)
    • Create emissions report for sub-contractors
    • CO2 calculation according to BS EN 16258 (European standard for calculating energy consumption related to transport services)