A new level of customer data management

  • Route planning without connected customer data is time-consuming and difficult. With PTV Map&Guide, you can integrate your own route address data (customers, suppliers, and partners) directly into the route planner and access the database automatically or manually. PTV Map&Guide's Data Manager prevents never-ending administrative work and offers a highly attractive visualisation of customer data in maps.


  • Access customer data quickly and easily

    Import your customer data in different formats. However, most PTV Map&Guide customers use a standard Excel file (CSV). Once the data is integrated into the route planner, you can immediately categorise the data in different categories. For example, you can create different customer categories (customers A, customers B, and customers C). This provides an easy visual overview of the data with various symbols and colours on the map. 

  • More benefits with PTV Map&Guide

    • Keep a detailed overview of your customer data
    • The Data Manager has space to manage up to five different databases
    • Integrate up to 1,000 data records per database in up to 30 columns