Manage your staff costs and calculate the minimum wage

  • In combination with the vehicle, toll, and route costs, PTV Map&Guide offers the option for employers to add staff costs and run a minimum wage calculation. This way, you get a comprehensive cost profile for a particular order and incorporate this into the quotation.


  • PTV Map&Guide keeps international salary statutory regulations updated

    Logistics companies with trans-European road freight business face a difficult challenge when it comes to the minimum wage costs in different countries. Thanks to our route planning software, your drivers’ wages are automatically calculated and compared to the countries minimum wage regulations. Not only this saves you time against calculating manually, but the software also ensures you will always be on the safe side by complying with the national legal requirements. PTV Map&Guide calculates transport routes, pickup and deliveries, and cabotage services on top of the driver’s working hours.

  • Reduce risks and maximise your profits

    Surcharges are only added for the actual relevant working time within the defined countries. The risk of miscalculations can be reduced to a minimum as realistic personnel costs are included in the total cost calculation. As a result, you can calculate costs without additional risks and thereby increases your competitiveness for future proposals.

    Gain access to PTV Map&Guide’s many years of experience in the logistics sector and use a route planner that suits your needs.

  • Further benefits include:

    • Time savings for international route planning through high level of automation
    • Reduce legal risks (fines and vehicle shutdowns)
    • Avoid miscalculations
    • Maximum flexibility through advanced reports
    • One single product for the consideration of several minimum wage laws