The fast way to calculate toll costs

  • The toll cost calculator within PTV Map&Guide's innovative truck route planning software incorporates all toll-paying road sections and gives you the exact toll fares, right down to the cent.


  • Fully automated toll cost calculation

    Toll road charges are updated continuously and gathered from toll suppliers, and then integrated automatically in PTV Map&Guide’s toll cost calculator so no manual calculation needed. Whether you use trucks or HGVs, our truck route planning software can determine the exact toll cost based on the vehicles you use. The toll cost calculator can take into account all toll road charges within Europe, including HGV toll rates and levy.

  • More benefits with PTV Map&Guide toll cost calculator

    • Rely on automatic recognition of all toll-paying main roads and motorways
    • Inclusive of one-off tolls for bridges and tunnels
    • Toll changes and even new toll-paying routes are continuously updated in PTV Map&Guide database
    • Calculate toll per vehicle on one route